Cloth Diapering Do's and Don'ts


Wash cloth diapers before first use.

👍 Wash cloth diapers before first use.

We manufacture diapers as cleanly as we can but you can never be too careful with products that will go right next to your baby’s skin. Some inserts/soakers may need to be washed many times to reach full absorbency.

❌ Don't use very hot water for washing diapers.

Hot water will affect the elastics and PUL waterproof diapers.
change diapers often

👍 Change diapers often.

❌ Don't leave the baby's diaper on longer and wait until it's full.

During the day, cloth diapers should be changed every two to four hours or when they go poo for HEALTHIER SKIN AND LESS RASH. Because cloth diapers are reusable, there is no need to wait longer between changes. If you need more, you can just wash sooner and start the whole process over again. Another benefit of cloth diaper changes on a regular basis is you’ll likely be putting a fresh diaper on before the old one is ‘full’ enough to have a chance to leak.
Use good quality detergents

👍 Use good quality detergents without additives.

- You don't need to use expensive or "special" detergents! Just read the ingredients of your detergent and avoid using those with some additives that may cause premature wear on fabrics and PUL or cause repelling. Do not use homemade detergents.

❌ Don't use fabric softener/conditioner.

- Fabric softeners coat the cloth diaper’s fabric, cause buildup, and prevent optimal fabric absorbency.
Knock off solids from soiled diapers right away

👍 Knock off solids from soiled diapers right away.

- Knock any solids into the toilet first before dumping the soiled diaper into your diaper pail. If the baby is breastfed there won't be much volume to knock off and it's all water soluble anyway so those diapers can go straight into the diaper pail. Once the baby is bigger you may want to consider a diaper sprayer or disposable diaper liners for easier cleanup, but those are optional.

❌ Don't store soiled diapers for more than 3 days.

-For sanitary reasons, it’s best not to let dirty diapers sit for longer than three days, and this also helps prevent stains from setting.
Dry cloth diapers under the sunlight

👍 Dry under the sunlight.

- The sun helps remove bacteria and stains.

❌ Don't use bleach regularly.

- you can use bleach on cloth diapers for disinfecting purposes but using it regularly is not recommended. Bleach is a harsh chemical and can damage diapers if used too often.
Join a cloth diapering community Philippines

👍 Join a cloth diapering community.

- I love this part of being a cloth-diapering mom! Having a group of people you can ask about CDs will greatly help. You can join our positive community:

❌ Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

- We all want to do everything that’s best for our kids. But don't forget yourself throughout that process. Jump into cloth diapering or jump into anything when you’re ready for it. And... It's ok to have a cheat day!
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