Do you really need a bed pad?

2 in 1 Aimerie Bed Pad
Here are the reasons why you need one for your baby:
1. Protects your mattress
Leaky messes can happen at any time, usually during the night while your little one is sleeping. Without a bed pad, the fluids will end up ruining your baby’s mattress and leave your baby soaked until you change them.
With Aimerie Waterproof bed pad, the mattress will be protected from leaks, moisture, and mold.
2. Convenience
Instead of cleaning and waiting for the mattress to dry after messes, a bed pad can be quickly thrown in the wash so the baby can get back to sleep more quickly.
Aimerie Bed Pad is easy to put on or take off for a quick wash.
3. Increase bed comfort
Unlike the plastic or rubber ones, which trap heat and tend to make noise, Aimerie Bed Pad is more breathable and provides additional padding. This is more absorbent and encourages airflow to help keep babies and toddlers comfortable throughout the night.
4. Colors and patterns can help your baby's development
Color can have a notable impact on how a baby’s vision develops, it can also play a role in a child’s evolving language skills and emotional intelligence as they age.
Aimerie Bedpad features


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