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Benefits of Using Aimerie Diapers

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Avoid Rashes and UTI

Cloth diapers generally offer a softer and more breathable fabric against your baby's skin, reducing the chances of friction that can lead to irritation and rash.

Better for the Environment

According to a study by the UK Environment Agency, cloth diapers use around 3 times less energy, 20 times less raw materials, and 2.5 times less water than disposable diapers over the course of a child's diaper-wearing years.

Avoid Poop Blowouts

Since the cloth diaper has a higher quality elastic around the legs and waist, there's not as much chance for messes to leak out, as compared with the weaker elastic on disposable diapers

Save Money

It’s true that an individual cloth diaper costs more than a disposable one. But since you can easily wash cloth diapers, they can be extremely cost-effective. You just have to keep about 20 cloth diapers on hand to ensure you maintain your baby’s hygiene.

Early Potty Training

Cloth diapers, far from being just an eco-friendly or economical choice, can play an integral role in your child's early developmental milestones, such as potty training. They offer a gentler, less pressurized approach, fostering self-reliance and psychological well-being in your child.

Did you know that

disposable diapers are the third largest consumer item in landfills?
They will take at least 500 years to decompose!


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“Been using aimerie for a week now with my 5 month little girl. And yes, this product never failed to amaze me. Ang ganda ng material, fitting, no leak at all. Thanks Aimerie! You made my CD journey great”

Mommy Ann

“Sobrang ganda at very comfortable si Enzo sa kanyang cloth diaper, walang tagas buong maghapon nahappy kasi ako nakatipid na ako.”

Mom Jacq

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“Super happy because we found Aimerie!

Aside from High quality cloth diapers, we were lucky enough to score these light-weight waterproof bib in bundle price

We started our #clothdiapering journey together with Aimerie when my little princess was 6 months old when she started eating solids, so this product is very helpful for both of us and we love it”

Mommy Mhay


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Washing Guide

How to Wash Aimerie Diapers

01. Prerinse/ Prewash

Shake/ Spray off the poop into the toilet bowl. Prewash with water or water with detergent then store in an open and dry pail.

02. Wash as usual (on the laundry day)

Regular wash with your preferred detergent then rinse 3 to 4 times.

03. Dry

Line dry under the sun. You can also use tumble dryer or spinner.

Your Questions, Answered.

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How many cloth diapers do I need?

This is our recommended stash with 1 to 2 days washing interval:

For Newborn to 6 months: 20 - 24
For 6 to 12 months: 16 - 20

For 1 to 2 years old: 12 - 16

Potty Training: 5 - 8

What are the things I should not use on cloth diapers?

Don't use fabric softener/conditioner.

- Fabric softeners coat the cloth diaper’s fabric, cause buildup, and prevent optimal fabric absorbency.

Don't use bleach regularly.

- You can use bleach on cloth diapers for disinfecting purposes but using it regularly is not recommended. Bleach is a harsh chemical and can damage diapers if used too often.

Don't use nappy cream with Zinc or Petroleum.

- It can cause stains or repelling.

Do you have a cloth diaper community?

Yes! You can join us in our Facebook Support Group:
Aimerie Cloth Diaper Moms and Dads Philippines

What detergent can I use?

Any detergent that 

- is not coconut based.

- has no fabic conditioner.

- is not DIY/Homemade soap

Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

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